The Guy

Who is Peter Ben? He's just a dreamer trying to realize his child dreams. Music is not his real job, it's just a passion. He's listening to Rock music since he was a teenager and always wanted to play this kind of music. He kept the hope that one day, he could make people vibrate with his music.

How Peter makes his songs? He makes everything at home, in his small Home studio. He acquired all necessary instruments and stuff to record, mix and masterize his compositions, and of course spent a lot of time learning to play instruments and understanding audio engineering.

Peter also designed the cover of the album, the web site and the modest video clip.

One of the goal of this project was to show that one person could realize from A to Z such a project, with current technology means. Of course, one amateur guy can't be as good as ten pro guys, so don't blame him for the sound/visual quality of this project!